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Bernard "Chips" Carpenter's Z-21B

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June 17, 2007 - D-box Blues

This was my punishment for missing Hucknall PFA Rally. How to spend a sunny Sunday,with an RV3 doing aeros over my shop!

Big Job This. Homebuilders equivalent to plate whirling. Pesky glue drying before you get the skin secured, AAARRRGHHHH!!! Looks great when its done though. Top wings to be done,then RIG!!!
Chips von Schmirk

July 19, 2007 - Von Schmirk's Habicht


Here's the first picture of the temporarily rigged Z-21 built by Chips von Schmirk.

The aeroplane looks enormous - rather like a Gamecock ll in this veiw with the stringers and deep cockpit.

More to come.


September 29, 2007 - G-ERTI's Engine

If anyone thought I had given up on Gerti, here's the latest proof of progress. I found pix of Ruperts installation invaluable, so I hope these will help someone.

von Schmirk

October 15, 2007 - Exhaust System

Pipes are 1-3/8". I just took some pix for Rupert,and pointed the camera at my engine. Experts will detect that the engine is inverted,and the pipes are still only tacked together. Its a really simple layout.Also include a secret preview of the "military legs"prior to bungee fitting.(dreading that!)

von (non welder) Schmirk

Here's the undercarriage (gear)

Yes, the legs are an example of the ancient art of Origami, but in aluminium! They are a single sheet per leg,secured to the leg by two hose clips, top and bottom, concealed inside the leg, and wrapped through two slots around the front of the leg. The rear edge is riveted on the inside rear edge. The rear struts have grommets top and bottom to route the brake pipe through.(Yet to be done,as this entails disconnecting the pipe to feed it through into the fuselage. I only want to do this once!)

I developed the upper and lower shapes on paper and refined the folding until I was happy.Even then,I got some rivets too close to the legs at the extremities! Having a copier helps enormously,as you can refine the design over and over on paper.

Having problems obtaining hose to wrap around the axleprior to bungee fitting.


von Schmirk

October 16, 2007 - G-ERTI's Wheels and Brakes

General view, note ailerons now rigged and functional!

View from front,bungee fitted.
Cable to be fed up trouser leg!

Spot the rivets on the legs!

Here's all you see from outside.

Overall view of undercarriage.

November 07, 2007 - Z-21B Habicht


This evocative picture shows Chips von Schmirk's Flitzer Z-21B Habicht prior to covering.

The next pictures will be really 'different' as those who've been following Chips' Habicht evolution from a basic Z-21A may guess.

The deep fuselage and longer gear give this aeroplane a real 'fighter-ish' air. I thinks it looks just great!


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