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Bernard "Chips" Carpenter's Z-21B

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October 4, 2009 - Chips is airborne!


Bernard 'Chips von Schmirk' Carpenter flew G-ERTI yesterday!

He's waited a very long time with all sorts of delays and most recently adverse weather at the strip to actually get airborne in his beautiful Flitzer Z-21B Habicht.

The aeroplane was rigged for the test pilot, who is lighter than Chips, so he was holding a 'push' force throughout this flight, but he plans to remove the tabs and fly it again in better trim. Nevertheless he enjoyed the 20 minute flight and told me it was 'fantastic' though of course some of that euphoria was due to the release of pent-up frustration. I'm sure his next flight with the trim improved will be even better.

The AeroVee is hardly run-in at present so things should improve even more in due course when I await a full handling report.

Congratulations Chips, may you have many, many hours of enjoyment in her.

I am attaching seven pictures herewith. The airborne shots were into the sun, apparently, so were too bleached-out to post!


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